Friday, May 15, 2009

Adventure awaits

Tomorrow I am off to KC to meet up with an online blogging friend, Fancy, from Cactus Creek Daily. She is opening her new studio and I can't wait to check it out in person! It is going to be a fun girl weekend with my mom and sister who will meet me there. I am sure we will find a few garage sales on the way and we hope to check out Curious Sofa too! I can't be that close and not go see it.

I will be taking lots of pics and will let ya all know how it turned out. It is so fun to be able to just get away for the weekend. Just a quick trip, but oh so worth it!
Thanks to my fab hubby who will be watching the kiddos while mama has a quick junking adventure! I hope you all get a chance to get away from it all from time to time. Believe me it is so worth it. You deserve it and will be a better person when you return from being refreshed! Go for it!

So, until next time...

Photos: (1)Cactus Creek (2)Curious Sofa

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