Thursday, June 25, 2009


Sorry I haven't written in awhile. I have been on vacation. I went home to see my family and then I just had a few days with my best friends at a cabin on the lake.

I must say I have the most amazing friends. We are all so different and I have been away from them for a year and a half! They are my dear friends who no matter the distance or the circumstances remain true. Sometimes I wonder how I fit in with them because I feel so different, but then I realize that is why we work. We learn from each other, laugh until our heads literally hurt, cry together, love each others' kids like our own, and are always there for each other. We just picked up like we had just seen each other yesterday.

So many things have changed in our lives, but we are still real with each other. I am so blessed to call them my friends. I can't imagine my life without them!

We also had a couple of new friends along that I am so fortunate to have been able to get to know better. They fit right in!

Here's to you my friends! Can't wait until we meet up again! You make me smile :)

"Though it's hard to let you go
In the Father's hands I know
That a lifetime's not too long..
To live as friends."

Song "Friends" by Michael W. Smith

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