Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Dreamin' of a New Home

I am dreaming of my new home. These pics are of some of my faves. I can't wait for the day to be able to have a lovely kitchen to cook some awesome Barefoot Contessa dishes and serve them up on my white Pfaltzgraf dishes with vintage Bakelite flatware. Then I can relax in a comfy slipcovered sofa and sip on some nice sweet tea while looking out my window onto a fabulous view of the prairie.

1 & 2 Western Interiors photos. Love the Ralph Lauren chairs in the living area! I also love the subway tiles along the back wall. The setup is great. I would love that long table and island to have many friends and family over to entertain.

I love this farmhouse from Raised In Cotton blog. I have always dreamed of living in an old white farmhouse with a wrap around porch. This one even has a porch swing! I have driven through the hills around this area and the scenery is absolutely beautiful! I can just picture a clothesline out back to hang out my laundry and watch the kids play in the open expanse of yard all around. (Ok, so I do that now already but it is not in my dream home!) I think I have come to the fact that an old farmhouse is not working for me. I think we need to build a new home that looks old. Maybe I have become too spoiled, but I sure do love a new bathroom and new kitchen where I am the first one to use it. Anyone know what I mean?

So, until we can rebuild a new home I will just look at all the great pics online and dream some more! The day will come; I know it will.


Cottage Elements said...

Lovely pictures, Donna! Here's hoping all your dreams come true!


Lissa said...

I'm in! I could live there too! Just beautiful!

Kristin said...


That day will come for you and I will pray it for you. In the meantime...those images are Gorgeous!!!!!!!

Happy, happy day to you in every way!

Arianna Belle said...

What a gorgeous home!