Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Warrenton Treasures Take 2

I must be drawn to collections because I seem to take pics of items in multiples! I love old bottles and jars and there were plenty to be seen at the flea markets. I guess that is a good thing. It says that they are still out there and quite affordable. (My kind of collection.) I love to do a grouping on a shelf or window sill. Since my kids have carried on the "collection gene" they have amassed a large quantity of rocks and shells. So, I decided to display them in old jars. That way they can still be viewed, but in an orderly fashion. It is such a nice way to remember the places where such treasures were found. I also use old salt shakers for the tiniest of rock or shell since nothing is too small to become a treasure!
How do you display your treasures?


Lissa said...

oh boy, I'm such a minimalist that all i have are jars of shells. oh i guess I have quite a few skeletons on the mantle does that count?

The Flying Bee said...

Great pics! I love to keep things in jars too. I have my collection of baskets on top of my kitchen cabinets. I have shells from the beach in big tall vases in my bathroom and all my milk glass on on shelves near my windows in the kitchen. I love collecting...yes, I do. It's addictive!

The Flying Bee said...

Oh, Donna! Thank you so much for your sweet comments today! They meant so much to me. I want to encourage you too. Go for it, girl! I will be praying for your journey too.

Big Hugs,

Lanette of Cottage Elements said...

Great pics, Donna! Makes me sad I could be there, too! Should we shoot for spring?


Lanette of Cottage Elements said...

Great pics, Donna! Makes me sad I could be there. Should we shoot for spring?


Greet said...

Hi Donna,
I first want you to thank you for your sweet comment on my post of yesterday!
I had not have time for blogging the last few days but here I am again!
I enjoyed all of your treasures! And you know when I am reading all this post about the Round Top I wish I coul have been there!

paige said...

what fun!!!
you captured some awesome images.
i love the pics of you from an earlier post with sue whitney & serena too!

one of my fave collections, albeit small are some primative medicine bottles that were collected by my uncle who is an avid antiquer/collector of primative items.
they are extra special since they were his

have a super weekend donna!