Sunday, December 6, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree

I love all of these trees. They are all so different, but I could see myself having each one of these trees. I love the last image. They used tags with pictures on them for the ornaments. So neat. Also love the galvanzied tub used for the base. I tried to do that but my tree stand was too big. I guess I could have redone it somehow, but no time.
I really love the big grand tree in the second pic. Oh to have a room like that. We used to have a cathedral ceiling where we had a 9' tree in the living room, but now are settling with a little one this year:(
I usually put a tree up in each room. This year since we are still in the limbo stage of renting a house and trying to find our dream acreage I haven't been in the mood to get everything out and decorate like I usually do. I chose to simplify. Hopefully next year I can go all out again and decorate to my heart's content. For now I am enjoying the many images in my files I have tucked away. I love having images to look at and spark my creativity. It makes me happy.
The snow is falling and I am warm and cozy flipping through all my pictures. I hope you are all enjoying getting out all of your decor and making your place special for the holidays.
Hope you all have a wonderful week!!
Images 1 & 3 via Martha Stewart Living
Images 2 & 5 via Country Living
Image 4 via Coastal Living


Greet said...

Oh the trees are indeed all so beautiful! And for me too, the last one is my favorite!


The Flying Bee said...

Great pics! I love the last tree so much! I am just starting to decorate my house and tree. I always say that I am going to simplify, but I never do! I just can't help myself!


Lissa said...

I've always loved that Martha stewart picture with the galvanized buckets filled with gifts! pretty pictures! I put my tree in a galvanized bucket this year.

Fabulously french said...

Love the photos, the last one is perfect.


Destiny said...

Hi...I just started following your blog and noticed the last tree on your post with the tags w/ photos! I had torn that out of the magazine and wanted to do a small tree like that! I love all the trees ~ wouldn't it be fun to have one of each in your home?! : )

This Photographer's Life said...

I love the second picture! It reminds me of the scene in Christmas Vacation where Clark gets caught in the attic and watches the family movies and raids the boxes of clothes. I am not sure why, but that's one of my favorite scenes of all time!

Parisienne Farmhouse Chic said...