Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Year; New House and some Insights

Here is where we are at with the new house. It's coming along pretty good considering all of the crazy weather we have been having. This was taken last month so now there is quite a few inches of snow all around. This has been quite the project. Let's just say that nothing goes as planned and it is really putting me to the test. Also, I have never compromised so much in my life as I am now with my wonderful hubby;) wink wink
This is a pretty modest house I would say. We are on a pretty tight budget and I am a major bargain hunter. I have loved decorating pretty much all of my life and am feeling extremely blessed to be able to finally design and decorate our very own house. Now, I am thinking this is going to be so much fun when in fact at times it is, but then it can also make me want to cry and run screaming!
Sometimes I struggle with the fact that I have always wanted to be an interior designer yet I don't want to always be stuck on materialistic things. I try looking at it in these terms. I feel God has given me a gift and I want to use that for His glory. I know that when I am in my current house and it is messy or not at all how I want it to look I feel crummy. Does that make sense? When I move a few things around, edit things, maybe bring in some new pieces and have this whole new look I feel HAPPY!
(I remember watching an episode of Extreme Makeover Home Edition where they were in New Orleans and redecorated a whole street of houses. There was a little girl that just lived in such terrible conditions. She said she didn't even feel safe let alone want to have any of her friends over. I cried! When they decorated her room up so sweet for her she cried! She was so Happy. Her whole life changed because of her room!)
I want to do that for people. I don't just want it to be about a pretty house. I want it to make a person's outlook change. Their mood to change. Feel security, peace, relaxed, etc... I am praying God will give me an opportunity to make this dream a reality in some way.
For now, I am Happy to be creating a house like that for my family. I take in all what they like and the colors that make them feel good. The kinds of things they are in to like hunting, fishing, music, beach lovin', and country.
Let's see what I can come up with. Stay tuned for our progress!


Kristin said...

I am loving your house that you are building! I remember posts back of you showing the property. This is so exciting.

I love what you said "For now, I am Happy to be creating a house like that for my family. I take in all what they like and the colors that make them feel good."

I know you will be blessed because of that and just hope your dreams come true within your family and your personal hopes and dreams too.

Have a wonderful day Donna!

Design Elements said...

lovely house!

Kristin said...

Dear blog's Mamma Miss Donna,
I am missing a new post.
Hint, hint. I like it when you post and I am trying to be better too. So, when you find time....just saying pretty please.