Monday, February 21, 2011

James Hardie Siding is now on!!

Ok, so now our new James Hardie fiber cement siding is on!! Woot Woot! Now this is just primed. It still needs a fab paint job, but the hubby and I are thinking we like the color that it is already! It reminds me of a cedar shake color or a Belgian light wood effect especially with the white trim. Anyway, we like a light tan color! I love too that it is a wider plank than the old vinyl siding you see. So, I was just pleasantly surprised when I saw it all up. It gave it that western ranch house feel that I wanted. It looks like wood planks to me anyway! Love it!

Now, our next issue is the columns for the porch. I am wanting a rustic wood post with a stone base. We really want to put emphasis on the gable over the front door. The gable over the garage came out larger than we wanted, so we are thinking of beefing up the posts on the front entrance and scaling back on the ones for the garage gable. (The posts that are up there now are just temporary ones!) We had a problem in our other house with people walking into the house from the garage! I hated that. They walked right into my laundry room where I always seemed to have piles of laundry lying around. (Isn't that what a laundry room is for? Just not one that comes right off a garage and into your kitchen I guess!)

So, we really want to make the front door a feature area so people will be led right up to it. Here are some posts I am inspired by. Sorry I don't remember where I got the pics from as I have looked through thousands! We'll see what our builder thinks and our budget! ;)

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Kristin said...

Oh this is so very exciting!
Thank you for taking us on this journey with you.

Smiles to your weekend Donna!