Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Book Club!

Hi everyone! It's been a busy summer. We have progressed on the basement and the outside patio. I will post pics of that later. I just wanted to touch base and let ya all know I am joining a book club! This will be my first time. I love to read. I am like a speed reader. When I get a good book in my hand I cannot put it down. I am like in a whole other world. So, when I seen that Edie is starting this book club I joined. I also invite you to do the same. We are starting with a good one. The Odyssey! So, I challenge you to step out there and join us. I know school is starting and sports and all that, but when isn't it busy! I am looking forward to being challenged and being able to chat with others about the book I am reading. So, hope you will think about joining in. Go on over and check out Edie's blog abd get signed up.

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