Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Men's Bathroom Reveal

Ok folks, here is the other reveal ya'll have been waiting for!! The men's room at Sudbeck Service. Now I know most women have not seen in a men's room before, but that doesn't mean we can't look! I never thought I would be painting by a urinal or even using that word but hey, you never know what kind of decorating project will come up. I was excited to do something funky in this room. I went all out and tried to make it a funky/rustic/industrial space that guys would like. I don't think they really care what the place looks like they just go... but I think they all get a kick out of this space. I know they have been talking about it. So, here are the pics you have been waiting for. 
You have to see the BEFORE's: Plain and uneventful....

 AND THE AFTERs!!!!!!!!!!

What a difference?! I love it! Handy man Aaron once again did an amazing job with the pallet and barn wood walls and trim. We still have a few more pieces of trim to put up around the baseboard. 
The bullseye is off center on purpose. It's a joke, aim high, aim somewhere other than where you're supposed to and maybe you'll actually hit the target! hahaha
 I love how the metal and wood look together.  I combined galvanized metal along with a rusty metal on the mirror. The rust looks great with the wood flooring and brings a little warmth to the gray metal. I also painted the sink base a hammered metal look to tie in with the galvanized metal wall. The artwork is all in good fun and I think it all turned out great. I think the rustic and industrial elements are exactly what the space needed. 
Let me know what ya think. And if you're in the area, stop in and check it out. 

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