Monday, January 25, 2010


While I am sitting here looking at all of this snow I am dreaming of being back here(see below). The beach. Where I long to be right now! Winter has been hard here this year and living in the country where you can be snowed in for days has been an eye opener. Sometimes it is nice to snuggle in with the kiddos and hubby and watch movies, bake cookies, or catch up on all those books I have been meaning to get to, but I just miss the sun and the warmth! Give me the beach where I can hear the waves rushing on shore and find cool seashells!
I guess it takes a long winter to really appreciate the beauty of Spring and Summer. Here's hoping to an early Spring!
Hope you are all enjoying beautiful weather!!

(These pics are all mine on our place. We have lots more snow since I took these pics.
And the beach is in Galveston where we just went to last week. Boy did I soak up the sun there!!)

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paige said...

so does take the dismal winter to make the bliss of summer even more joyful

blessings to you today donna