Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Amy Neunsinger home my new fave

These pics are all from the Feb. 2010 edition of House Beautiful magazine. Photos by Amy herself! This has become my new fave home. I have been waiting for these pics to go on the HB website and was so glad to discover they were finally on. I have been wanting to share these pics for awhile now.

This kitchen is my new dream kitchen. I know it has a lot of industrial type fixtures in it but I love it!!! My husband couldn't believe it. There was something so striking about it. I think it is the contrast of the sleek concrete floor and the sereneness of the white mixed with the metal ductwork and hardware. I am in love!! The big sliding glass doors let all that beautiful sunshine in and opens the space even more. The concrete walls painted out white just blend into the background. The wall they kept bare had tile on it at one time and they couldn't chip away any further. Amy liked the rough south of France feel it had so it stayed. It is such an unexpected sight, but it works!!

We are trying to buy land and possibly build our own home and I think this would be so cool. It would be cheap and easy to do. My husband is in construction and I think we could do a lot of the work ourselves. It is hard to believe it is all concrete because of the way they added the right textures in to make it cozy and clean lined. It has big open spaces yet lends itself to such a cozy feel.

The dining room has my large farmhouse table that I love. I can do a lot of entertaining in that space. With a family as big as ours it is a much needed detail. (My husband is the youngest of 12) I also love how it transitions into the family room. What a great place to hang out and talk while the kitchen is busy with preparations. Again huge sliders that let that natural light in.

Then you have the barn doors!!! I love the rustic touch it adds. Being farm folks this little detail fits right into our scheme. (You have to check these doors on a sliding track at my friend Amy's website. To die for! Her and her hubby installed them in their masterbed and bath!)

Next we have the sunroom. This is actually their entrance to the house. What amazing glass doors to welcome you into the space. We wouldn't be able to do those in the climate we live in here, but it's perfect in LA. It's a great spot to display her photography.

Off the sunroom is the living room. The cowhides are perfect. We have two of them and I never thought of layering them like they did in this pic. It could have just been for the staging of the article but I like it and am going to try it!

Then they have their home offices. Love how all the inspiration and projects are all over the walls. That is a space I could be creative in!! Gold's small office/library would be so cool to have! Love the ladder! (My kids might have way too much fun with that though. Could be a problem!) With my husband and me both working from home I am always on the lookout for great home offices. These could definitely work for me!

Then we are on to the Master Bedroom and Bath. I might need to add a little color to the bedroom but I love the old dresser they have in there. I like blues that remind me of Ralph Lauren ads and the beach. Nothing crazy bold. Just subtle and relaxing.

And that bathtub!! Please start the bath and pour in the bubbles! How relaxing that would be. And did you see that sink!! A huge basin with double faucets! What a great idea. It has a huge walk-in shower with rainhead fixture. I could easily call this place home!!

I hope you all enjoyed this feature home as much as I did. I have looked through these pages for so long they are wrinkled and tearing! I think I need to start an inspriation board and get these babies hung up.

That's my next project. Since we are wanting to build our own home I am looking through all the images I have saved for years and going to weed through the styles I have outgrown and narrow it down to what we really are looking for in our new space.

For more pics you can check out the architect's site here.


Kristin said...

Oh my goodness!!!!!.....I LOVE IT....LOVE It! I love white with industrial feel. I would move in I tell ya.

My apologies for not being here often. Life and work have consumed and still consuming my every moments but trying to take time to come back and visit. Thank you for coming to my blog.

Happy day to you Donna!

Kathy said...

Donna - love all the pics - the white setting is so soothing and homey!!

Also wanted to let you know that you are the 2nd place winner for my giveaway - a fabulous little package of junk is waiting to be shipped your way...email me your address, etc. and I'll get it to you asap!

Take care and congrats, Kathy

Lanette of Cottage Elements said...

Donna, congrats on the contest. Whoo hoo! Love, love, love the pictures. Did I say love??? This style is definitely right up my alley. Hope you're surviving the cold and snow. I know Nebraska has really been hit hard this winter. Can't wait for spring!!!