Saturday, March 27, 2010

A picture worth a thousand words

This picture does not even capture what all happened on this day! These two spell TROUBLE! We were out exploring some land when we see these two walking back like this. Notice my son has no boots on. My daughter has her brother's boots, coat, and hat on! Cole is carrying her boots and wearing an oversized (mom's) sweatshirt (after I gave it to him to wear cause he was shivering!). It is freezing outside.
They tried to jump over a small stream and needless to say did not make it over. (I think this runs in the family! Oh, but that story is for another day!) So, Cole being the great big brother jumps in to save the day. Literally! So, he gave his little sister his warm clothes and dry boots and walked back with her through an alfalfa field in sock feet and they were giggling the whole way! Uncontrollable laughter. I knew this was going to happen when they went down by that water. I sure know how to call 'em. I guess I must be grateful that my boy stepped up and took care of his little sister and had a little fun too. I don't think they will ever forget it. I should have taken video of this moment, but the picture will always remind me of this day.
Oh to be a child again!


junkermidge said...

Hey Donna, what a great picture and an even better story. I love it, love it, love it. So sweet that your son was looking out for his little sister and they could still laugh all the way home. Awesome.

Jetta... said...

Love your pics and stories. Found you from my cousin Lissa. Can't wait to keep reading!!

Kristin said...

Oh I love that.

I love their laughter! Who doesn't love laughter?!

The fact that they were daring
to try to jump the creek.

Their closeness.

His big love for his sister!

That makes for a perfect day even shivering!