Thursday, March 18, 2010


OK, I know I am jumping the gun a few days early, but with the way my life is going right now I will miss getting the greeting out on the first day of Spring so I am doing it while I can!
We had a beautiful day today. The sun came out and it was warm! So me and the kiddos got our mud boots out and took them for a stroll. Me and my little girlie got matching polka dots of course so we can look cute and muddy! Just took a few pics of us being silly. I know I know mine are not muddy yet. They'll get there believe me. Next time we'll all jump in the puddles. The light was fading fast so I took what I could get. Hope you all are enjoying the days being longer and the sun coming out and warming us up again.
Here's to SPRING!


paige said...

i love your matching polka dot boots!!
ya'll are too cute
have a beautiful weekend

Kristin said...

Oh, Happy, happy Spring to you!

Patty said...

Happy Spring! I love the boots with rainbow spots they're so cute, thanks for posting!

Serena Thompson (The Farm Chicks) said...

Wishing you a happy building process. We'll be going through it at the same time. :)

paige said...

thanks again for dropping in. you are always such an encourager!!