Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Life happens

Sorry I have been absent from my little blog for so long. So many things have changed in my life recently that is has been hard to even get on my computer and write anything. Nothing bad, just that I am now back into the workforce after 10 years of being a stay at home. Wow! That has been life changing. I also work part time for my husband and am a mother of three and baseball has started. Busy busy summer ahead.

I have to get back on here though because this is where I can be me. Write about my inspirations and follow all of you lovely blog writers and get even more inspired. So, we also are building a new house. Yeah, busy busy.

So, I thought I would put some of my pics on here that I am loving and using as my inspiration for a house that we will build soon. A house that can be our very own. It will be a long process, but I am really looking forward to it after being in my mother-in-law's for a year and now a rental house for a year. Let the building begin please!!!

So here are some pics that I have on my inspiration board at home. I know I won't get everything I want, but it helps to put together pics that speak to you. You can get a real sense of what your style really is. I don't just think of all the things I love but what my husband is into, the kids and how we live.

We are a busy country family that works construction, hunt, fish, and play baseball. Let's just say that a mudroom is a major necessity for us. I have done a post on this before. It might be sad that we really are putting a lot of thought into a major mudroom, but for us it is like the workhorse of the house. We enter it, throw our stuff there, do laundry there, bookbags, and on and on. It is where we enter and leave the house to start a day and end a day. I think it is pretty important. I would love for it to be organized so everything has a place to go into. Do you think we can actually keep it organized? I sure hope so. It would be so less stressful if we could find a shoe when we need to get to church and know where the baseball glove and cleats are. Don't even get me started on school bookbags!

Anyhow, this is becoming a much longer post than I intended but I guess I have been gone awhile. So, here is what I am coming up with so far....

Images: 1)unknown 2) Blake Shaw Homes 3) Western Interiors Mag 4) House Beautiful Amy Nuensinger home


Prior said...

great inspiration! thanks, Lezlee

junkermidge said...

Donna, what an exciting time for you and your family! Building your house will be quite an adventure. I hope you get a lot of your wishes -- a big mudroom would be awesome.

paige said...

fabulous images!!!
look forward to seeing your new home too

Prior said...

I wish I owned a digital camera and blogged when I first started... I will enjoy going along on your adventure! Lezlee

Beach Vintage said...

Thanks for sharing your inspiration with us. Its great that you are continuing to use your mood board/scrap books.

michelle b @ every little thing said...

wonderful image picks!! ooh lala!
stop by for a giveaway when you get a chance!