Saturday, July 17, 2010

Summer Inspiration

I take great inspirations from these pictures. It is amazing that things we look at in an everyday situation can lead to a design of a room. Here is what I get when I look at these pics from our summer travels. What do you see???

I see a stone patio with striped patio chair cushions.

A gentle rolling brook in my garden

A stone fireplace to curl up by

White chair with pink pillow

Big comfy ottomans

Grey blue denim couch with gentle green pillows

Yellow kitchen with potted green herbs

Tassels on a pillow


Anonymous said...

I love your creative mind. What a wonderful way to show an awesome pic. We see so many vacation shots during the summer we get tired of looking at them but not this. I love everyone of them. Thanks for sharing. Judy

Laurel said...

Hi very beautiful and inspiring! Laurel

Kristin said...

Oh I looooove this blog of yours. Beautiful!
I love your take on the pictures. It made me take a
moment and think. I love that!
Thank you for coming and visiting my blog too.
You my dear are going quickly into my blog roll.
Have a beautiful and blessed day.