Thursday, August 26, 2010

Some Dreams on Hold

I have been MIA for awhile on the old blogging circuit. I have been going through so many different changes in my life lately it has been really busy and crazy. I have had to put some of my dreams on the back burner for awhile and it has been hard to deal with frankly. I have always dreamed of having my own decorating shop. Selling all of my cool second hand finds and displaying them in invented and beautiful ways. I thought I was getting closer to that goal but then it all seemed to get further out of reach.

I have recently went back to work full time after being a stay at home for 10 years. I am working in a place where I can still have my kids with me during the summer which is the whole point of taking the job. My 3 kiddos just aren't old enough to stay at home by themselves yet. So this was my compromise. For now I guess I am putting my dream on hold for a bit so that I can still be there for my kids. It is what I want, but it is also pulling me further from my other dreams. Such a hard thing for me to get through it seems.

So, I am just venting a little to get it out of my system. I hope that my dreams will live on and that they will one day resurface and become a reality. I hope I can still use the blog to show my inspirations and that the dream can live on a little at least in cyber world! Until then, my time is spent taking care of these beautiful babes....


junkermidge said...

Oh, Donna. I feel for you. But I know you'll get where you want to be, it just may be at little different timeframe than you thought. Kids do grow up -- awful quickly. Do and post what you can, when you can.

Gretchen said...

Beautiful kids Donna...You'll never regret prioritizing them at these formative times of their lives. So fortunate to be able to have them near/with you in the summers too with your work.
To realize being a great Mom and helping financially at this time in their lives cannot be replaced. However, I hope one day your personal dreams will be realized for you as well. He will provide, just in His timing and not usually in our timing. :) Learning these lessons myself.
Btw, your house is looking great! Congrats on that. Been there and done that and can feel what you are/have gone through with that as well. Did that in my 20's with an ex and no children. You're amazing and brave to do it while having kids too as well as working. We built most of it ourselves and/or supervised a few contractors, so it was a huge task. I hope it all turns out as you love.