Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year and new projects!!!

I hope your New Year is starting off as great as ours. Our basement is coming along. Slowly but surely! What do ya do when we've had such a nice winter and your carpenter also pours concrete for a living!! He's here now and putting together all of our custom pieces. We are using reclaimed barnwood for our trim, doors, bathroom vanity, boys' beds and a bar! Yes, that means lots of time spent on these projects. I am just so glad our carpenter gets me and my crazy ideas and that he is willing to think outside the box and make some amazing things happen. He's really good at it too. He might be cussing me sometimes cause of what he has to do but I think he secretly enjoys seeing these creations come to life! wink wink. So, I am going to show you a few sneak peaks cause it's not finished yet and it's quite a mess down there but it's so exciting!!! So, here you go:

So, these are the custom made doors in the hallway!!! Yes, he made these strip by strip!! Love them!

Here's some up close detail on the jam.

Here is the start of the bar. This is quite the project!

Looking straight on, hasn't cut all the pieces yet...

This is the focal point of it all!! Our TV wall. He just so happened to find an old barn light and put it up just for fun, but he knows me all too well and I love it!!!

Well there you have it. He is working hard this week to get some more trim around windows and the rest of the doors and set the bar. We're getting so close!! Carpet is supposed to go in next week so it has to be done!! Will we meet this deadline? Stay tuned...

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