Monday, February 4, 2013

More sneak peaks of the Basement Project

We still aren't officially done with this basement project but we are getting a lot closer. We have carpet in, lights installed, shelving up and new furniture. Still waiting on a few pieces though so I can't say we are done. This is all a process folks! We still have to decorate and let me tell you while that is the fun part for me it is also one that takes some time. I want just the right pieces to be in those rooms to really show it off. I want certain things to say, that is so them. To fit right in like it was always meant for that space. To make it feel like home. Now add a hubby who has his own ideas and you can where this could take awhile longer than anticipated ya'll! But here is a little more of what we have accomplished. And I still have to give much of the credit to our amazing carpenter. The pictures don't do his work justice people.

Check back for more of the kids' rooms, bathroom and what we finally get placed on the walls...

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Farmgirl Paints said...

What an amazing basement! Thank you for your comment earlier. Praying that for your family too.