Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Visit to Curious Sofa

So, on my trip to KC I had to stop and see Curious Sofa run by Deb Dusenberry. I have been following her blog ever since I saw her in Country Living Magazine. She has a lot of the same tastes I do when it comes to design. She unfortunately was not in the shop when we were there, but her staff was so kind and sweet. They even gave me directions on how to get back to the interstate. Thanks so much! (Need I say that we got major lost on the way there because I took one little wrong turn! Darn those interstate loops! No getting back on after you get off!) So, anyway on with the pics!
First, I have to say sorry for the picture quality. My camera is not that great. These do not do justice to the shop. I need to upgrade to a new camera since I am now putting these on the blog and showing everyone. But, I think you will agree it is a shop worth visiting.

The store front painted beautifully.

Nice big centerpiece on iron table

One of the many great sofas available

The bedding displayed in shelves

Sea Shells displayed in a great hutch

I loved these white dishes and was not surprised when I found out they were Katie Brown's new line! Love her!

Great display with black and white

Me in a great leather chair grouping

Me in the entryway display

So, hope you enjoyed the pics. We had a fabulous time in Kansas City. Hope to visit again soon. I will post some more pics of the other great places we went next time along with the awesome bargains I got.

Until next time...


Lissa said...

It is my dream to go there one day. You are so lucky. I would've spent at least and hour carefully pouring over every piece of eye candy!

Vanessa said...

Fabulous pictures!! Your blogs is so cute! Have a great day! Vanessa